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On July 27, 2016, Oswald Cardinal Gracias, the Archbishop of Bombay, personally spoke to the Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ajoy Mehta, and voiced the concerns of the Christian Community with regard to the D. P. Plan.  The Commissioner was very polite and agreed to meet him or his delegate so that a summary of complaints from all the Churches could be placed before him.

Accordingly, Bishop Savio Fernandes, along with Fr. Richard Crasto, met the Municipal Commissioner and presented to him a list of what actually exists as of today as against  what was shown in the D. P. 2034.  The Commissioner assured the delegates of the Archbishop that he would genuinely look into the matter.  He also informed them that whatever appeared in the 1991 Plan has been reproduced in the 2034 Plan.  Whatever is shown as designated will remain untouched.  The Commissioner also undertook to look into all the suggestions submitted by the delegation, especially with regard to the cemeteries.    

 With regard to the development of the Dharavi belt, the delegates told the Commissioner that when any development is being planned, the people of the place are to be taken into confidence and consulted.  Since development is for the benefit of the people of the area, there is no point in planning any development if they are not happy about it. To this, the Commissioner informed the delegates that the Dharavi belt came under the MMRDA.

 The Municipal Commissioner promised that he would give a written reply to the Cardinal in response to his letter wherein the technicalities involved would be explained.  All in all it was a very positive meeting.  We thank the Municipal Commissioner for patiently listening to our grievances and assuring us that he would do all that was legally permissible.

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